compute-1-18 rebooting randomly

September 15, 2014
by admin

Not sure why. It doesn’t do it with dnetc, just Tom/render jobs (though it’s in the “notom” Profile, maybe because of this). I ran it for 16 days at full load with dnetc, and it’s stable as a rock. Just started tractor-blade again, and we’ll see if it reboots itself again…

it’s an FX-8350. Maybe I bought it one of those crappy MSI motherboards.

These AMD machines seem to be pretty flaky… but it might actually just be the MSI motherboards. Not sure I’ve had any trouble with a machine with the Gigabyte motherboard.

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  1.   admin Says:

    No, it’s a nice Gigabyte motherboard. It might just be overheating because of where it’s racked. I moved it to the left side and left the top off to see if it helps…

  2.   admin Says:

    It hasn’t rebooted randomly since I took the top off. Awkward though

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