compute-1-3 is dead, long live compute-1-3!

July 23, 2015
by admin

Motherboard this time. Video went all wonky. Tried replacing both RAM and CPU and didn’t help. Had new AM3+ motherboard on hand, so got 16GB of RAM and an FX-8350 for under $300 and threw ’em in there.

3 Responses to “compute-1-3 is dead, long live compute-1-3!”

  1.   admin Says:

    Of course, the hard drive also died, and then the replacement drive (ancient used junk of course – I have a pile of them) died soon afterwards. Second replacement drive in there….

  2.   wjens Says:

    …and now it’s dead again. I’ll have to check it out later today.

  3.   admin Says:

    Hm. Reinstalled. Fine for now. Watching it. Left a monitor plugged in, as it was just blank…

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