2-15 and 2-27 having hard drive issues

June 30, 2014
by admin

I may just have a lot of bad hard drives, or they may have backplane issues… I saw this with compute-2-1 at some point, and I don’t remember the exact resolution… I’ll go read that post and see if I blogged about it. At this point, after replacing the hard drives multiple times and seeing different kinds of errors (can’t find the hard drive at all, then loses communication in the middle of an install and resets multiple times), I’ve got a couple of hard drives in there that are working, but I still think it might be a physical backplane connectivity issue…

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  1.   admin Says:

    Nope – just lots of bad hard drives. Whatever, they were used and really old and gotten from IT because they were tossing them. Makes sense I guess 🙂

  2.   admin Says:

    Well, it stopped working, again, on compute-2-27, and I couldn’t get it to work even with known good hard drives. Whatever. I put a Mushkin 32GB tiny little USB 3.0 stick on there as the root hard drive. Thanks Rae!

  3.   admin Says:

    compute-2-27’s Mushkin USB stick died. Dead dead dead. I replaced it with a USB hard drive. Unfortunately said USB hard drive requires two USB connections for power, so no mouse/keyboard at the same time without a hub. Heh. A bit janky.

  4.   admin Says:

    I pulled the node out of the chassis and changed which SATA port on the motherboard the cable was plugged into. Fixed!

  5.   wjens Says:

    …and now it seems to be having hard drive issues again. I’ll check it out later today.

  6.   admin Says:

    Replaced hard drive, installing away. The old one had “read error” on boot, every time.

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