Power rebalance and upgrade project

May 5, 2014
by admin

I have ordered new UPS batteries for all the 3000VA UPSes – they’re three years and four months old, according to this blog – I blogged the last time I replaced them. That makes me feel old. Also I have ordered a nice 0U metered PDU that should be able to power most of Rack 1, and the other 0U PDU on the other side can do the rest. I hope that between these two things, there will be no more power strips hanging out behind the racks, and I should be able to properly balance and use all the power available.

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  1.   admin Says:

    We (Dan and I) have replaced all the batteries, gotten rid of all power strips, and balanced power across all UPSes and PDU’s. All nodes are plugged either into a UPS or the 208v PDU, and nothing is running at more than 80% capacity at full load, as measured by some of Tom’s runs and dnetc concurrently running on the cluster right now. I’m happy. We had to run compute-1-17,18,1, and 2’s power cables across the top and over to the 3000VA UPSes to make this work, but that’s fine – at least we have no cables running across the floor anymore!

  2.   admin Says:

    Hm. compute-1-10 just died running dnetc only… checking it out…

  3.   admin Says:

    Old crappy power supply died. Replaced with Antec 400W from old white yurt tower server.

  4.   admin Says:

    Power balance seems to be good now. No issues recently, other than perhaps slightly overpowering our A/C.

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