New nodes

January 24, 2014
by admin

I bought some new C6100’s – X5560’s with 24GB of RAM this time. Somebody’s discovered the secret of the C6100’s, as they’ve gone UP in price. They’re still a steal though – $1500 per four-node 2U rackmount unit. I bought two. I have installed one so far and am waiting for compute-1-17 to be done with what it’s doing before I move it over to rack 1 where it belongs and replace it with the other C6100. Everything’s all out of order now – I’ll have to reorder things when I next reinstall the cluster. I labeled compute-2-x so I wouldn’t be confused. Also: we’re almost over 1TB of RAM, and will be once I set up the second C6100. An important milestone! 🙂

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