Constant power outages, UPSes

October 7, 2013
by Wm. Josiah Erikson (wjens)

I’ve moved some nodes over to the 3000VA UPSes, and brought in a 1500VA UPS from the old Five College rack and replaced the batteries, plus a 2200VA UPS I found in G-8. Probably needs new batteries, but might be enough to pull through a few blips. Ordered new batteries for the other one plus the one in B-18…. leaving a few nodes un-tractored until tomorrow morning so I can put what I can on UPS without interrupting Tom’s runs. Started up compute-4-1 anyway, since it has dual power supplies and I can move it without disturbing things. Not sure how many compute-2-x nodes I can really put on these UPSes – those things draw a lot of power. Maybe a couple enclosures at least. We shall see. Jeff Neumann says they’re working on it, but I think more blips will happen before they figure it out.

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